Fineartebooks originally begun as a blog primarily devoted to postromantic art that is Romantic and Realist in inspiration and style, but has quickly expanded to include art of many different genres, from around the world.
Postromanticism is an aesthetic movement begun in 2002 by the writer Claudia Moscovici and the artist
Leonardo Pereznieto. It includes painters, sculptors and photographers from all over the world, including
the United States, Mexico, France, Belgium, Romania, Brasil, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Vietnam.
Postromanticism places emphasis upon the expression of verisimilitude, beauty, sensuality
and passion in contemporary art, offering an alternative to modernism and postmodernism. For more
information, see Claudia Moscovici’s Romanticism and Postromanticism (Lexington Books, hardcover 2007, paperback 2010)
and the websites postromanticism.com and fineartebooks.com.


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