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Anthony Icuagu

This fall, at the book launch of my novel in Romanian translation, Velvet Totalitarianism/Intre Doua Lumi (Curtea Veche Publishing, 2011), I had the great pleasure of meeting in person, among others, the talented composers, producers, singer and actors who did an amazing music video trailer of my novel, called Velvet Love

http://www.curteaveche.ro/Intre_doua_lumi-3-1298 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KURICuT8TcA

I have already written an article about Andy Platon, the composer and producer of Velvet Love, co-directed with Anthony Icuagu and featuring the singer Marcel Lovin and the actors Ioana Picos, Mihai Marin and  Alia Anastasiei.


Andy Platon’s close friend and collaborator, Anthony Icuagu, is also very talented and accomplished. Aside from contributing to creating the book trailer Velvet Love, he’s also an incredibly talented singer, a semifinalist in the Romanian version of American Idol (called Vocea Romaniei or The Voice of Romania) and the co-producer of one of Romania’s most popular music videos, NonStop, by Trupa TAXI.  

Anthony co-directed NonStop with his collaborators and friends, Marcel Lovin (who, incidentally, is the talented singer of Velvet Love) and the legendary music producer Smiley. This music video seems like the recipe for success: it’s got excellent, cinematic clips; a plethora of well-known actresses that are perfectly suited for their parts; great music by Trupa Taxi that seamlessly combines pop music and swing to draw a wide audience; excellent lyrics that are true without becoming trite, and–last but not least–a great sense of humor, which is very difficult to pull off in a music video.  You can see this magic mixture for  yourselves:

Not surprisingly, the video NonStop got over two and a half million hits in less than three months on Youtube, competing in popularity with the best-known international popstars featured by VEVO. The top-notch Romanian music production company MediaPro Pictures–which has become international both in its music and in its reach–also deserves a warm congratulations for its success.

To present this multitalented singer and producer to my readers, I’m translating from Romanian  Anthony Icuagu’s recent interview with the journalist Valentina Nastase, in Revista VIP.net.


Anthony Iguagu, a contestant at Vocea Romaniei (The Voice of Romania) and a member of Smiley’s Team is the music producer of the new hit music video launched by Trupa Taxi, called NonStop. Their collaboration began after a common friend recommended him to Trupa Taxi. “I worked closely with Marcel Lovin, with whom I also teamed up on The Voice of Romania. He is the ‘concept developer’. He helps me with ideas and I hope that with this winning formula we can continue to work on more projects together in the future,” Anthony said.

“For the filming of the piece NonStop everything went smoothly. Trupa Taxi arrived with over 20 actresses and set up the location, while we came up with the ideas. We thought of over 20 clips that would go well with the actresses invited to participate in this music video.” Anthony studies video production and this was the first major music video he created. He worked on other projects, but this was the most important one and his calling card.

“I enjoy producing and love music, so creating music videos is perfect for me. I think that I haven’t lived long enough to think seriously yet about making a whole movie. Everything in its time,” he declared. The next project he’s working on is a music video for Lorana, a Romanian singer preparing her launch in the music world.

Interview by Valentina Nastase, VIP.net, December 9, 2011