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photo by Alin Mocanu

By chance, I was fortunate enough to come across the photography of Alin Mocanu, whose wedding pictures stand out in their capacity to evoke the poetry of commitment.  Alin Mocanu’s images are synecdoches (small yet significant fragments) in picture form that capture the hope, the innocence and the beauty of our dreams of love when we first embark upon a lifelong commitment and promise to love and cherish each other for life. Alin’s photography, which you can view on his website below, brought out the poet in me.

Roots and air

by Claudia Moscovici

The morning dew

Sparkles upon my finger

A treasure of emotion

I only need from you

The richness of desire

Warms up cooler evenings

And nights that tremble softly

In the briskness of the air

Sometimes when you’re asleep

I extend my body upwards

Drawn by the luminous magic

Of stars that silently tempt me

With their majestic height

I bend, turn, stretch, move

With the smooth suppleness

Of a vine faithfully winding

Around her loyal trunk

You plant yourself in me

In you I find my shelter

From life’s harshest storms

In the disarming intimacy

Of our communication

We find each other’s roots

While breathing the fresh air

Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com