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Port of Baltimore by Todd Materazzi

Objects can speak to us. Presented in the right way, and in the right light, they can even move us. A lonely bridge, a desolate house can be haunting images in themselves. Sometimes such images can reach into our minds to stir our most cherished memories. Thematic photography has deeply expressive powers. Like Marcel Proust’s madelaine, they evoke scenes and lived experiences that mattered to us in the past and that still resonate in the present.

Port of Baltimore by Todd Materazzi

Todd Materazzi is an award-winning thematic photographer. Masterfully captured, haunting and sometimes even eerie, his city scenes and country landscapes evoke our emotions. Materazzi aptly calls his images “emotional transformation through thematic photography.” In the first image of the series Port of Baltimore, (above) the perspective is geometric, simple, even stark. Parallel train tracks engulfed by darkness eventually unite, through an optical illusion, in the distant horizon.  Where they meet we encounter the focal point of the image: several small spheres of light. This painting evokes the theme of voyage while also giving the impression that no matter how dark the pursuit there is, both literally and figuratively, a light at the end of the journey.

Image by Todd Materazzi

The warmer hues of the second image in the series Port of Baltimore (above) shines through the darkness of the night with the bright lights on the horizon that frame the sharply delineated bridge. They also offer a counterpoint to the reflecting surface of the shimmery water which embraces our field of vision. The rundown bridge in the foreground seems overpowered by the triumphant bridge in the background, crowned by its hallow of lights.

Baltimore by Todd Materazzi

The city scene above, however, has a more intimate, human touch as father and son find solace from the rain inside a department store. There’s complicity, affection (as the father protects under his umbrella the tiny figure of the son) and an adorable sense of mirroring, as the bigger Me and little me, reflect one another in the similarly dressed figures of father and  son.

Materazzi’s stark images capture desolate urban scenes and gorgeous landscapes that straddle the delicate line between abstract, geometric lines and curves and highly expressive landscapes that many of us have encountered and that remain all the more memorable when captured with talent and depth by Todd Materazzi’s emotive thematic photography. For more information, take a look at the artist’s website, on the link: http://titaniumphoto.wordpress.com/

Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com