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The artist Helene Lopes Codrescu describes herself as “a free electron.” She finds inspiration in numerous traditions in modern art, spanning the globe and reshaping them according to her own talent and perspectives. The painting La Danseuse Voilée (Veiled Dancer), below, has something of the whimsical playfulness of a Paul Klee doodle.

But New York From the Sky, on the other hand, with its geometric shapes and mosaic angles and refractions, bears some similarity to the New York Op Art movement of the 1970’s.

Finally, what art lover can fail to recognize echoes of Pablo Picasso, during his Dora Maar phase, in the tortuous Cubism of Woman in a Box, featured below?

Helene Lopes Codrescu paints outside the box, however. She freely finds inspiration in numerous rich traditions of modern art, but makes them her own, with the independence and internationalism of the free electron that she is. You can see more of her art on the website artquid, on the link below:


Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com