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I have recently run across on youtube upon Philip Scott’s Johnson’s spectacular video, “Women in Art.” This video offers a sweeping look at the greatest masterpieces in the history of Western art. Each image flows seamlessly into the next. This is no easy task, since no doubt Johnson had to carefully select each image, and each facial type, that can morph so elegantly into the next one.


The result is a breathtaking, fresh look at the faces of art history. This video is not only entertaining, but could easily be used in art history courses as an eye-catching visual introduction, that will leave students wanting to see–and learn–more. Johnson did similar videos for “Women in Film” and “Men in Film”. From a recent email exchange with him I learned that he’s not a professional video producer. Creating artistic videos is only his hobby. But as you will see in the video clip pasted below, Johnson is an absolute pro at his hobby. I highly recommend his videos for art history and film history courses.


Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com